Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do you ever get scared while investigating?

Personally, I seldom get scared during an investigation. I'm usually way too excited to be scared! The more you get out there and investigate, the more you'll realize that anything exciting seldom happens. Most hours spent investigating are spent sitting motionless in a room, trying not to make any noise, waiting for something to happen. It can be quite tedious. Still, on very rare occasions, I do sometimes get a little "freaked-out" if I get a strong feeling that something is in the room with us, especially when I feel that it is standing right behind me.

What's an orb?

This is a really good question, because nobody knows for sure. An "orb" is an anomaly which shows up on film and digital cameras, as well as sometimes being seen with the naked eye. It resembles a ball of light and is usually spherical in shape. Orbs are believed to be one physical form (the most common) which a spirit can take…the other two are ecto and apparitions. Orbs can also be caught on video, and have been recorded meandering slowing and quickly streaking across a room. Sometimes a moving orb can be caught on still cameras, which is somewhat rare since the orb would have to be moving faster than the camera's shutter speed to show motion on film.

How do you know the orbs aren't just dust or pollen?

We usually do not know for sure with stationary orb pictures. This is why we rarely post pictures of stationary orbs on this website. However, when we get a picture of an orb in conjunction with a high EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) reading, or a temperature drop of more than 10 degrees, it is more likely that it is not dust or pollen. Also, when we catch a moving orb (orb that shows motion), it is probably not dust or pollen, since the orb must be moving faster than the shutter speed of our cameras. My shutter speed is 1/800 of a second. Dust just doesn't move that fast unless it's in the middle of a tornado. I would like to state that we do not attest to the fact that every picture, or any picture for that matter, on this website is of a paranormal nature. The pictures we have posted are ones that we believe may be spirits or paranormal in some way.

How do you feel about digital cameras?

Personally, I think that digital cameras are a vital piece of ghost hunting equipment. Some investigators believe that digital cameras are useless in this field because the pictures are too easy to fake. They also discount digital cameras because they do not provide a negative. I believe that negatives are just as easy to mess with as digital pictures. Plus, digital pictures are able to capture images in the infrared spectrum, which 35mm cameras are not, unless you're using expensive infrared film. Also, with a digital camera, you can see your picture almost immediately, instead of waiting for developing. This is a huge asset to an investigator, because it helps you determine at the time, which spots are more or less active.

Do you ever change the pictures shown on the website?

We do not input orbs or other images into our pictures…ever. It is hard enough to maintain credibility in this field without being deceptive. The only changes we ever make to our photos are cropping, magnifying, and in some rare instances we increase the lighting slightly to make the anomaly more visible on the website.

What's an EVP?

EVP is short for Electronic Voice Phenomena. These are unexplained voices or noises which are picked up on tape or on a digital recorder. You can either leave your recorder in an empty room, or stay and ask questions, hoping to get answers.   For additional information about EVP, click here: What is EVP?

When you record an EVP, do you actually hear the voice?

Not usually…sometimes you do, but usually you don't know that you captured an EVP until reviewing the recording later.

How do you know where to investigate?

We only investigate sites that we have heard, or otherwise suspect are haunted. There are many ways to find haunted sites. There are thousands of haunted sites listed on the web. There are also hundreds of books in print which list haunted sites. We also hear about places by word-of-mouth, or have property owners contact us directly.